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Fusion 20IX (01171A) (USED)

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Professionally Refurbished. Machine has 126 Hrs. of use. Includes charger. Price of machine w/ new batteries $2095.00. Please call for shipping cost.
The "Fusion" battery burnishers provide 2000 RPM to rejuvenate the gleam and luster of your high gloss floor. The Fusion 20IX is self-propelled in forward and reverse. A 20" pad spinning at 2000 rpm provide the sought after "wet-look" on the floor. An Integrated dust control system eliminates the need for dust mopping after burnishing. Exclusive ARCH Handle design reduces operator fatigue and a three-point stance allows for outstanding maneuverability. A machine hour meter and pad pressure indicator allow for efficient maintenance and operation.


  • Designed to meet the demands of today's advanced floor finishes
  • Heavy steel frame, sleek exterior, super quiet operation and battery power
  • High capacity 36 volt deep cycle and rechargeable power plant
  • Dust collection system provides dust-free operation
  • Safety engineered
  • Variable pad pressure
  • Variable speed control
  • Forward and reverse traverse

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