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CFP™ 170 Polisher (01280A)

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The CFP� Series Polisher Line � Premium quality features at a value price!

Whether scrubbing, screening, grinding, or bonnet cleaning, the CFP Series floor polishers can and will fit your every application need.

With all chrome-plated steel brush housing, motor cover and handle tube, the CFP�s are built to last. The CFP�s have many quality features at a value price.

Features Include:

  • Die cast aluminum handle
  • 50 foot safety yellow, super flex power cord with hospital grade plug Quick release cord wrap
  • Powerful 1 hp and 1.5 hp motors with dual capacitors or 0.9/1.5 hp permanent magnet dual-speed motor
  • Safety interlock prevents accidental starts
  • Easy release handle clamp
  • 5 inch non-marking wheels with wide stance aids stability during transport
  • Full surrounding, non-marking bumper, wraps under brush shroud
  • for maximum floor protection
  • Dual switch levers allow operation from either side
  • Rugged 1.5 inch steel handle tube
  • Bright chrome plated to resist corrosion
  • Rugged chrome plated steel brush housing
  • Durable die cast aluminum main frame
  • 2 Planet Gear Box on 1 hp. 3 Planet Gear Box on 1.5 hp. All have hardened steel gears
  • 13, 17 and 20 inch models

Warranty Information:

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