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ReliaVac® 12 DC (03003A)

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The Vacuum with the Green Lifetime Fan
Exclusive to all models of the ReliaVac´┐Ż vacuum is the green impellor fan. Made from a proprietary, ultra-durable plastic, this fan has a lifetime guarantee. If it breaks while you have the vacuum, we will replace it at no charge.

The ReliaVac single motor upright vacuums are easy to maneuver, strong on power, and designed for fast, low cost serviceability. Available in 12 and 16 inch cleaning paths, the ReliaVac gives you the power and pickup needed for all applications.

The ReliaVac 12 and 12DC are budget priced upright vacuums that are great for general cleaning on most any carpet pile. A steel brush roller and 50 foot power cord are featured on both models. A top-filling shake-out collector bag comes standard on the ReliaVac 12. The ReliaVac 12DC has a convenient, clearplastic dirt cup that allows you to see when it is full. Simply remove the dirt cup and dump.

All models feature large rear wheels for easy maneuverability and a clear fan cover for ease of visibility to any blockage. The brush height is adjustable to six settings to work effectively on a variety of carpets.


  • Lifetime warranty on green impellor fan
  • 4 models to choose from
  • 7 amp motor
  • 50 foot safety yellow cord
  • Low cost maintenance

Warranty Information:

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