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Whirlmatic 20 UHSB (20-UHSB) (USED)

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Professionally Refurbished.Price includes charger. Price for machine with new batteries $1795.00. Please call for shipping cost.
Put a high-gloss shine on large areas in a hurry with the Whirlmatic 20 UHSB. This model shines a 20" path at a rate of 27,000 square feet per hour, saving time and money.

One reason the 20 UHSB is so effective is the carefully balanced ratio of weight to pad speed, which produces a spectacular shine on a properly prepared floor. A fully floating pad holder follows uneven floor surfaces, for an even shine.

The UHSB features a special dust-control system that collects dust in dual collector bags. No need for dust mopping the floor after burnishing, it's left clean and shiny.


  • Unbeatable shine with carefully balanced ratio of weight to pad speed.
  • Dual clean air ducts protect the motor from dust and provide cooling for longer life.
  • Dust-free performance with dual collector bags.
  • Direct drive motor to pad for optimum performance and longer run time.
  • Tight areas are no problem... UHSB turns in it's own length.
  • Machine tips back for easy access to pad and dust collector filter bags.
  • Easy-to-use twist grip controls.
  • Heavy duty construction and non-marking roller bumpers protect walls and furniture as well as the machine.

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