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Aquaclean (264059U) (USED)

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Professionally refurbished. Please call for shipping cost
Use the AquaClean every day to power clean the dirtiest carpets or hard floor surface. It's compact, lightweight, and easy to maneuver in all tight areas.

Extraction has become the preferred method for interim/daily carpet maintenance and restorative cleaning. Controls are conveniently located. Solution control, master on/off, vacuum and brush switches are located at your fingertips. The AquaClean is built to last with simple, reliable and durable components and systems.

This portable, self-contained extractor sprays cleaning solution into carpet while the cylindrical brush loosens dirt. Then the vacuum shoe draws dirty solution from the carpet. Ideal for scrubbing tile floors, the cylindrical brush provides even pressure and cleaning the length of the brush. Bristles dig into grout lines for superior cleaning. The AquaClean can be used with optional wand or hand extraction tools for cleaning upholstery, steps or difficult access areas.

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