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Clean Track® 12 (56265230)

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With its large five gallon solution tank, the Clarke� Clean Track� 12 carpet extractor gives you big cleaning capacity for those small areas. Single spray jet technology delivers even, consistent flow for deep, uniform extraction and helps eliminate clogging and streaks. Combined with a laminar-flow vacuum shoe that recovers more moisture from the carpet, the controlled water usage lets carpet dry quickly, and normal traffic to resume without extended interruption.

The small footprint and straight-forward controls make the Clean Track� 12 easy to operate and maneuver. The 12 inch cleaning path allows extraction in tight spaces. Operating instructions on the control panel are displayed in icons rather than words for universal understanding. A see-through lid on the solution cover lets operators monitor solution recovery. With its hand grips and compact folding handle, the Clean Track 12 extractor is easy to lift and transport.


  • Laminar flow vacuum shoe
  • Single spray jet technology
  • Self-leveling brush
  • No-tools removable brush
  • See-through solution lid
  • Removable solution filter
  • Compact, portable yet professional grade
  • Easy operation

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