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Clean Track® 16 (56266000)

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The Clean Track® 16-18 Series dramatically increases productivity, improves cleaning performance, and features excellent ergonomic safety in carpet extraction. The Clean Track also features a large capacity, patented ergonomic design, low sound levels, and a hard floor tool option allowing you to scrub hard surface floors.

The Wash & Rinse® feature on the 18 inch model gets carpets cleaner by washing and clean-water rinsing, all in one pass. Earning the CRI’s Seal of Approval, Clean Track excels in recovering soil and water while retaining the original texture of the carpet fibers. The Clean Track series has also been certified as a “green machine,” featuring an ergonomic waist belt that reduces stress, strain and impact on the operator while increases productivity.


  • Large capacities, small package
  • Patented ergonomic design
  • Very quite low sound level
  • Easy drain into toilet
  • Soft and hard floor option
  • Rugged Polydur® housing and body
  • Clam shell frame design – easy access
  • Very quiet 67 dB A sound level
  • Overfill and debris protection

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