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Clean Track® 18 (56266001)

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The Clean Track� 16-18 Series dramatically increases productivity, improves cleaning performance, and features excellent ergonomic safety in carpet extraction. The Clean Track also features a large capacity, patented ergonomic design, low sound levels, and a hard floor tool option allowing you to scrub hard surface floors.

The Wash & Rinse� feature on the 18 inch model gets carpets cleaner by washing and clean-water rinsing, all in one pass. Earning the CRI�s Seal of Approval, Clean Track excels in recovering soil and water while retaining the original texture of the carpet fibers. The Clean Track series has also been certified as a �green machine,� featuring an ergonomic waist belt that reduces stress, strain and impact on the operator while increases productivity.


  • Large capacities, small package
  • Patented ergonomic design
  • Very quite low sound level
  • Easy drain into toilet
  • Soft and hard floor option
  • Rugged Polydur� housing and body
  • Clam shell frame design � easy access
  • Very quiet 67 dB A sound level
  • Overfill and debris protection

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