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TFC400 (56380773)

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all purpose cleaner

Powerful, Touch-Free Cleaning with Cross-Functional Versatility

The TFC 400 is a powerful and versatile all-purpose cleaner. Charged with 400 psi of power-spraying punch, the TFC 400 cleaner gives you the ability to blast away grit and grime without actually having contact with the dirt. With the 20 gallon solution tank and 13 gallon recovery tank, the TFC 400 cleaner gives you the ability to tackle the really big cleaning jobs quickly and thoroughly.

The TFC 400 sets up for cleaning quickly and easily. Breaking down when finished cleaning is just as simple with plenty of useful storage and organization features. A removable tool caddy, integrated storage for hoses, nozzles and attachments, as well as a 25 foot hose, will keep operators productive and self-sufficient. Restrooms, hallways, and other hard floor surfaces are easily cleaned with the TFC 400 cleaner. When combined with the optional stand up carpet wand, the TFC 400 will transition easily from cleaning hard surfaces to soft floor � saving time and eliminating the need for costly additional equipment.

Getting to the motor and pump on the TFC 400 cleaner is easy with an open-wide full access design. The removable motor cartridge makes for quick and easy minor repairs, eliminating costly downtime and frustrated clients. As an all-purpose, touch-free cleaner, the TFC 400 is ideal for cleaning more than just restrooms and restroom fixtures.

Compact and Packed with Features:

  • Touch-free cleaning with 400 psi at spray tip
  • Massive 20-gallon solution and 13-gallon recovery tanks
  • Removable tool caddy keeps everything within reach
  • 25 foot hose adds reach � but stores neatly
  • Detachable safety cord
  • Squeegee wand
  • Optional saddle-bag
  • Optional front mount squeegee
  • Wet floor sign holder
  • Dual chemical compartment

Ideal Applications Include:

  • Bathroom Cleaning
  • Locker Rooms and Garages
  • Hallways
  • Walk off Mats
  • Carpet Extraction

Warranty Information:

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