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BOS - 18 Low Speed (56382453)

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Demo Machine. Comes with Full Manufacturer Warranty.1725 RPM

The BOS-18 is used for scrubbing and chemical-free removal of floor finish. The powerful, totally enclosed motor requires less maintenance, and provides for 3,600 1/4 inch orbits per minute. The BOS-18 is made of heavy cast components that provide durability and weight for aggressive scrubbing and stripping agitation. A 4 gallon solution tank feeds cleaning solution to the pad.


  • Seamless chrome-plated handle tube resists rust, and increases durability.
  • Totally enclosed fan cooled dual capacitor motor eliminates overheating
  • Heavy cast iron main frame supplies weight for aggressive performance
  • Cast aluminum pad driver plate reduces the chance of bending

Ease of Use

  • No side torque
  • Operates in any direction
  • Dual switch levers for easy operation with either hand
  • Convenient lifting handle
  • Precision balanced counter weight and oversized drive bearing supply consistent performance, while reducing vibration


  • Large non-marking transport wheels protect finished areas from damage
  • Full �harpoon� face pad driver effectively transfers motion to the pad
  • High weight and high speed orbital agitation provide aggressive cleaning


  • Hospital grade plug assures electrical safety when connected to a properly grounded outlet
  • Ergonomic dihedral handle with safety interlock offers operator comfort and protection
  • Ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) eliminates the possibility of electrical shock

Warranty Information:

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