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CarpetMaster® 215 (9060408010)

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Designed with the benefits of a dual motor vacuum:

Better Productivity: 1,350 Watts of total cleaning power optimally allocated to driving the brush and vacuum independently. The result is a one-pass cleaning capability which saves up to 20% in cleaning time.

Carefree Operation: The brush stops turning when the operator is detail cleaning with the wand and tools.

CarpetMaster doesn�t weigh you down!

Unlike most dual-motor vacuums, the CarpetMaster has it�s vacuum motor located at the base of the machine. The result is a lighter handle weight. That means less fatigue for the operator.


  • H.E.P.A. filtration comes standard
  • Quick-draw detail wand with secure easy-access tools
  • Bright, prominent bag light alerts the operator to change the bag or check for clogs
  • Quick and simple bag replacement
  • Easy access to air channel in base to clear clogs
  • No-tools access to brush for easy change
  • Simple brush height adjustment
  • 2 year service free cog style sealed belt Non-marking bumper
  • 50 foot safety yellow cord

Warranty Information:

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