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CK 3030 (93030)

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Vacuuming Large Areas

If you are challenged with maintaining large carpeted areas, the 30" CK 3030 Clean-Air Carpetkeeper delivers the performance of three upright vacuums, increasing your vacuuming productivity up to 10,000 square feet per hour. High efficiency cleaning performance, clean-air filtration, and a host of operator-friendly features make this the perfect unit for malls, airports, hotels, convention centers, department stores, hospitals, and more.

Powerful Cleaning

The CK 3030 utilizes two high-efficiency vac motors providing 224 cfm.The 1800 rpm brush loosens deep-down dirt and revives compressed carpet pile in high traffic areas so your carpets stay looking great longer. Features include five-position brush height adjustment, stainless steel brush shoe, and deadman's safety switch for added protection. Robustly designed and constructed of rotationally molded plastic, the CK 3030 stands up to the every day rigors faced by today's cleaning and maintenance professional.

Four-Stage Clean-Air Filtration

The CK 3030 comes standard with a four-stage filtration system including disposable paper filter bags, an outer cloth bag, two vacuum motor exhaust filters and a Clean-Air exhaust filter.This combined filtration efficiency reduces and minimizes dust particles, contaminants and allergens in the air, ensuring cleaner carpets and a healthier indoor environment.


Extra large 10" non-marking rear wheels and two large 3" front casters deliver superior maneuverability, reducing operator fatigue.Multiple position grip handle is cushioned, comes with a safety switch, and is ergonomically designed to reduce skeletal and muscular strain on the operator.

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