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TV 2 (93280)

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TV2 Canister Vacuum One of the quietest, most powerful canister dry vacuum in its class, with built-in HEPA filtration as standard

Powerful, Compact, and Efficient

Powerful, compact and efficient, the TV2 Dry Canister Vacuum from Tornado� is the perfect alternative to upright or backpack vacuums.The TV 2 is designed to accommodate noise-sensitive environments such as hotels, restaurants, retail outlets, offices, schools and applications where silent day cleaning is a necessity.With a sound level below 70 dB, the TV2 is whisper quiet in its operation. Light weight, the TV2 is highly maneuverable and can be lifted with ease. Its streamlined profile also makes storage a breeze.

Multi-Stage Filtration

The multi-stage filtration system incorporates a Cleanbreeze microfiber filter bag, a permanent main filter and motor protection filter, plus a built-in HEPA exhaust air filter for optimum indoor air quality. This standard HEPA filtration system is designed to contain fine particulate matter and d u s t, substantially improving indoor air quality. The microfiber bags are made from a tear-resistant material, reducing the vacuum�s running and maintenance costs. The CleanBreeze disposable filter is an intricate web of randomly spun polymer fibers capturing far more particles and allergens than conventional paper bags. Dust emissions are reduced up to 60% over traditional paper filters.

Ergonomic Design

The TV2 was specifically designed around the user. The unit is comfortable to operate, even over an extended period of time. A new ergonomically designed handle provides the utmost in operator comfort. The unit is light to transport, and includes a large foot-operated switch and dedicated �parking spot� for the wand when not in use.When the job is complete, an integrated mount allows the user to store the power cord quickly and easily.

The TV2 is everything you could possibly want in a Dry Canister Vacuum.

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