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S 15 (94232)

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Designed to work in any environment.

Tornado�s� P and S series of Wet/Dry Vacuums are the toughest, most versatile, and cost-effective tank vacuums on the market. Available in your choice of either a polyethylene or stainless steel body, these vacuums are mounted on four easy transport wheels for easy movement and stability. With a 1.61 HP vac motor the units generate 114 cfm and 90� of waterlift. The P and S series effectively handles general dry debris in commercial environments, as well as liquids such as water, scrubbing solutions, and stripping solutions. These vacuums are perfect not only for general maintenance and cleaning, but also for use with floor machines and other mopping and scrubbing operations as well.

Tools that fit your needs.

The P and S series come complete with a attachment and accessory set, including hose, wands, carpet tool, squeegee tool, crevice tool, dusting tool, and more. The swivel hose connector allows 360-degree hose rotation, letting you move the vacuum without fear of disconnects. The tools and accessories can be used for a variety of applications and debris types.

When a little more is needed.

Tornado� knows that sometimes you need a little more from your vacuum. That�s why the S 15 offers a stainless steel tank, as well as a tip and pour waste and water disposal method. The S 15 has the same versatility and reliability of the P series, but gives you those extra options you have come to expect from Tornado�.

Key Features

  • Optional front mount squeegee
  • Powerful 1.61 hp motor
  • Sound insulated vacuum head unit
  • 114 cfm and 90� waterlift
  • Durable polyethylene dolly with push handle
  • Two stage dust-free filtration process
  • 360-degree hose rotation
  • 14� rug , crevice, dust, and squeegee tool
  • Built in wheels


The Tornado� P and S Series of wet/dry vacuums provide easy operation, versatility, innovative features, and durable design for use in many different environments including:

  • Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities
  • Schools and Universities
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Restaurants
  • Commercial Office Buildings
  • Retail Stores and Shopping Malls
  • Automotive and Commercial Fleet Cleaning

Warranty Information:

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