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Jumbo, single

It is a simple principle: the higher the c.f.m. a vacuum generates, the better suited it is for recovering dry debris and bulk material. Tornado�s electric powered jumbo vacuum systems are designed to face the rigors of industrial applications. The Single Electric Jumbo has a 2.25 HP powerhead mounted on a steel, rolled-top 55-gallon drum. An external poly bag is mounted on a support rod and serves as a final filter. The majority of the debris, including small particles, is actually recovered in the steel drum. The Dual Electric has an additional powerhead for added c.f.m. and two external poly filter bags.

Both the Single and the Dual Electric Jumbo comes standard with a drum and a four-wheeled steel dolly with convenient transport handle.

Electric Jumbo Vac Systems are appropriate for use in recovering heavy solid debris such as metal shavings and chips, sand, sawdust, and powder. The units are also effective in recovering water and cutting oil. A liquid shut-off float can be added to either unit. Attachment sets are required for operation and are sold separately.

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