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SWM 31/9 (96190)

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Ten Times Faster than a Broom

Clean hallways, workshops, retail shops, warehouses and sidewalks up to ten times faster with the Tornado� SWM 31/9 Manual Sweeper. Pick up everything including metal shavings, nails, paper, leaves, and even packaging material. Light and compact, you can move from area to area with ease with this highly mobile unit.

Rugged Durability for Long Life

The SWM 31/9 offers outstanding sweeping performance through the use of a main roller brush that is driven by both wheels, ensuring effective cleaning during right or left-hand turns. Effective indoors and outdoors, this compact unit easily sweeps hard-to-reach areas such as curbs, corners and crevices with the help of a durable side-broom, and offers a convenient hopper-grip handle for portability and emptying debris. The ergonomic handle suits operators of all sizes.

Superior Sweeping Performance in a Compact Sweeper

You can expect years of service from the SWM 31/9 Manual Sweeper thanks to its tough polyethylene hopper and base, which are made to resist dents and cracks.The large 9 gallon hopper collects dirt and debris and is simple to remove and empty with an ergonomic handle. The side brush arm is swivel-mounted and can be easily disengaged

Key Features

  • Ideal replacement for manual sweeping
  • Maximize sweeping productivity up to 28,000 sq. ft. per hour, faster than a manual broom!
  • Unique side brush for greater cleaning efficiency
  • Efficient dirt collector minimizes dumping of dirt, compared to other systems.
  • Light weight design for simple maneuverability, yet durable
  • Large, non-marking rear wheels and front castor for enhanced mobility
  • Collapsible handle for storage in small areas
  • Compact design goes through any standard door and goes where large sweepers cannot
  • Can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications

Cleaning System Applications:

  • Metal Shavings
  • Nails
  • Paper
  • Leaves
  • Hard-to-pick-up packaging material

Warranty Information:

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