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SWB 26/8 (96210)

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with AGM batteries and on-board charger

Flexible and Efficient on Dual-Surfaces

The Tornado SWB 26/8 Battery Sweeper moves effortlessly between carpet and hard floors. In any application were a wide-area corded vacuum isnít practical, the SWB 26/8 Walk-Behind Battery Sweeper is the perfect solution. Faster and quieter than wide-area vacuums, the SWB 26/8 is at home in schools, hospitals, airports, commercial office buildings, theaters, retail, stores, casinos, sports facilities, and arenas.With a 26Ēwide cleaning path and easy maneuverability, the SWB 26/8 picks up all types of debris even hard-to-pick-up items such as sand, popcorn, packaging material, tags, and clips. Whatís more, you can move easily from carpeted spaces onto hard floors without changing the broom with this super-flexible unit, resulting in maximum cleaning efficiency.As an added bonus, since the Tornado SWB 26/8 is bag-less and collects into a hopper, youíre not spending money on bags, while also avoiding downtime.

Compact, Powerful and Battery Operated

The SWB 26/8 walk-behind sweeper is ideal for cleaning areas both large and small, running on eco-friendly, sealed 24-volt-batteries which eliminate the worry of tripping over a power cord. The SWB 26/8 offers a convenient on-board battery charger, plus whisperquiet operation perfect for day-cleaning indoors on any floor type.

Optimum Sweeping Method

The SWB 26/8 uses overthrow sweeping technology to guarantee optimum utilization of waste container capacity. The main broom has chev ron bristles and is height-adjustable for professional sweeping results on all kinds of surfaces with a variety of debris.The side-mounted brush is protected by a bump guard and is raised and lowered easily by the hand controls. A high-efficiency filter and dust control system reduces dust for improved air quality.

Benefits of the Overthrow Method:

  • All debris passing over the core of the roller brushes is collected
  • The flex i b i l i ty of the brushes easily picks up objects large and small
  • With no front end direct collector, the debris is never pushed along in front of the sweeper
  • With no rubber lip in the way, even light, bulky objects such as dry leaves and packing material are picked up with ease
  • The side brush increases the width of your edge-cleaning path, reaching under the edge of hard floors and carpets, pulling light weight material such as paper into the dirt collector
  • Top loading dirt collector can be filled up 75% of capacity, unlike front load machines

Key Features

  • Ideal replacement for manual sweeping
  • Moves easily from hard floors to carpeted spaces and back again
  • Maximize sweeping speed up to 26,000 sq. ft. per hourómore than two-and-a-half times faster than wide-area vacuums and ten times faster than a manual broom!
  • Unique Overthrow System for greater cleaning efficiency
  • Whisper-quiet at 67 dB for noise sensitive environments
  • Dust-control filter system for improved air quality
  • 24 volt battery powered
  • Efficient top-loading dirt collector minimizes dumping of dirt, compared to front-loading systems
  • Large, non-marking rear wheels and front castor for enhanced mobility
  • Collapsible handle for storage in small areas
  • Compact design goes through any standard door and goes where large, ride-on sweepers cannot

Cleaning System Applications:

The SWB 26/8 Battery Sweeper easily picks up debris including:

  • Paper
  • Dust
  • Sand
  • Popcorn
  • Packaging material
  • Tags
  • Clips
  • Plastic

Warranty Information:

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