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Kawasaki Proglazer 28 (97575)

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EPA & carb approved

High-Gloss Polishing

Some facilities and cleaning applications demand more than what electric and battery units can provide. And when it comes to maintaining a high gloss for large floor areas, controlling costs is key. Speed and efficiency are an absolute must. Tornado�s� Kawasaki ProGlazer Propane-Powered Floor Machines have it all when it comes to meeting maintenance demands while making the most of your investment in floor care equipment. Our ProGlazer� propane burnishers set new standards for quality and performance in the floor maintenance industry. Ease of operation, durability, and reliability make these units the propane-powered cleaning equipment of choice for the floor care professional.

Premium Engines

A minimum 1850 RPM are at your fingertips, and all units feature the latest in engine technology from Kawasaki, ensuring maximum operational efficiency while maintaining exceptionally high standards in emission control. These premium engines provide superior levels of power for any burnishing job while offering reduced noise and vibration for added operator comfort and reduced disruption to others in the area. In addition to a rugged cast aluminum deck, all units come complete with burnishing pad, ready-to-fill painted steel propane tank, and 12V battery/key start.

Warranty Information:

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