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Marathon 1200 (98168)

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100 PSI

Clean Large Areas Faster

Great for maintaining carpeted areas, the portable Marathon 800 and Marathon 1200 self-contained extractors are available in your choice of 8 or 12 gallon sizes. Ergonomically designed to clean large areas with ease and comfort, the Marathon 800 and Marathon 1200 also deliver superior durability, easy operation, and maximum cleaning productivity.

Internal Bladder Design

Automatically flush, scrub and vacuum carpets in one pass, with our Marathon 800 and Marathon 1200 self-contained extractors. Unlike all other self-contained units, these extractors utilize a clever patented internal bladder design system that maintains constant brush pressure on the surface, regardless of the position of the water in the tank.

Small Footprint for Ease-of-Use

In addition, the bladder design has allowed us to shrink the "footprint" of the unit to allow for easier transport, storage and better sight lines for the operator. One of our most popular sellers, the Marathon 800 and Marathon 1200 extractors deliver state-of-the-art cleaning, user-friendly operation, and easy-to-service design.

Optional Tools to Fit Your Needs

Enhance the flexibility and mobility of the Marathon 800 and Marathon 1200 with optional tools and accessories to meet your unique cleaning needs. Optional, productivityboosting accessories include a 20-foot hose, hand, crevice, upholstery and stair tools, and a deluxe drag wand that allows you to reach small, compact areas that the selfcontained unit will not go.

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