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Marathon 2000 (98190)

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100 PSI with traction drive

Rugged intelligent design, setting new standards for carpet extractors

From the innovative leader comes a carpet extractor with features, performance, and a price that are quite simply unsurpassed by the competition. This 20-gallon, selfpropelled, forward-operation unit sets a new standard among self-contained carpet extractors. This rotationallymolded unit truly stands up to the rigors of daily use. Its 22" recovery shoe, 20-gallon solution tank, and 20-gallon recovery tank clean in the forward mode and handle large area extraction jobs with ease and efficiency.

A 100 psi solution pump penetrates carpets deep-down and a three-stage vac motor with 135" waterlift ensures optimal cleaning performance.

A sealed transaxle drive system, two large wheels, and twin front swivel castors provide easy transport over even the heaviest of carpet. The Marathon 2000 can cover up to 8,500 ft2 per hour, has variable, operator-controlled speed, and comes complete with a 22" vac shoe, pre-spray wand, and detachable 75-foot power cord.


  • Rugged construction - The Marathon 2000 is a rotationally-molded unit designed to face the rigors of everyday use. A simple, two-piece main body provides added durability.
  • Large-capacity recovery - A 20-gallon recovery tank has a clear cover for monitoring the tank level. The cover is sealed with a heavy-duty gasket for optimal recovery performance.
  • Operator-friendly - A simple, easy-to-use control panel allows the operator to control speed, solution, and recovery functions. The handle continues Tornado's excellence in ergonomic design and commitment to operator comfort.
  • High-performance carpet extraction - An adjustable brush, 100 psi solution pump, and 22" vac shoe provide deepdown cleaning in one pass.
  • Service-friendly - The Marathon 2000 is easily and quickly accessible for service and maintenance operations.
  • Built-in spray wand - The unit comes standard with a pre-spray hose and wand for handling edges, corners, and spotting operations.
  • Versatile - The Marathon 2000 is ideal for large offices, lobbies, hallways, banquet rooms, and other carpeted areas where cleaning and extraction are a must.
  • Mobility - Transaxle drive, large rear wheels, and front swivel casters make transport simple and efficient.
  • Quick-fill solution tank - The 20-gallon solution tank permits long periods of uninterrupted operation between refills.
  • Professional design - A 22" vac shoe, easy-access drain hoses, and detachable 75-foot power cord are standard features on the Marathon 2000.

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