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Marathon 2-400H (98255PH)

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400 PSI heated with hose & power cord

Professional Results of a Truckmount

Whether you�re a certified carpet technician or a carpet cleaning specialist, you will appreciate the features of Tornado�s� complete line of professional grade portable carpet extractors designed for daily, interim or deep restoration cleaning. Available in 100 p.s.i. without heat, 200 p.s.i. with heat and 400 p.s.i. with Perfect Heat, you can clean everything from heavily soiled carpets to drapes and upholstery.

Power, Longevity and Ease-of-Use

Constructed of durable rotationally molded polyethylene, these units reflect Tornado�s commitment to design standards that will endure the rigors of daily usage. Because of their compact vertical design, ease of storage, mobility and operation, Tornado Marathon Upright Extractors are well-suited for use by in-house cleaning crews, carpet technicians, contractors, schools, hotels, and restaurants. All models are lightweight with a low-center-of-gravity bladder system and include user-friendly, waist-high control switches to accommodate operators of all sizes.

All three powerful units are designed with 13 gallon solution and 11 gallon recovery tanks and twin, 2-stage 1.6 hp vacuum motors that generate anywhere between 107�to 160�of static waterlift, delivering faster dry-times and a safer, drier indoor environment. Tornado�s innovative design features a hinged, clam shell design that allows easy access to the pump and heater for simple maintenance and increased machine up-time.

Perfect Heat for Deep Cleaning

With the highest portable temperatures in the industry, Tornado�s patented Perfect Heat� technology takes advantage of the heat generated by the vacuum motors to heat the water and solution for deep cleaning. This heated water is then fed into the electric heater to generate water temperatures up to 212 degrees (heated models) or it is sent to the extraction tool (non-heated model). Requiring less amperage and no additional electric power, this heating process is simple and dependable, and maintains the highest portable temperatures in the industry from start to finish. What�s more is when the Marathon Carpetrinser 400 p.s.i. with Perfect Heat is tested against other competitive models, an average temperature of 174 degrees is maintained throughout the cleaning process, which is over 40 degrees higher than competitor�s traditional heated extractors.

Optional Tools to Fit Your Needs

The Marathon Carpetrinser Line of upright extractors comes complete with a 20 foot �insider� hose, combining both the vacuum and solution line into a single, no-tangle hose.The three units can be used with optional accessories including a 10� standard drag wand, 12� deluxe drag wand, 12� professional drag wand for 101 p.s.i. or greater, or a 20 foot vacuum hose for 400 p.s.i. or less. Additional optional accessories include a crevice detailer,hand, upholstery and stair tools.

Key Features

  • 10� standard or 12� deluxe or professional drag wands available for wide and efficient cleaning paths for increased productivity
  • Dual, 2-stage vacuum motors provide superior solution recovery for carpets that dry faster
  • Three pumps available in 100 p.s.i. without heat, 50-200 p.s.i. (adjustable) with heat and 50-400 p.s.i. (adjustable) with Perfect Heat for maximum cfm and increased cleaning flexibility
  • Simple to fill port can be filled by bucket or hose
  • Compact size for simple transport and maneuverability
  • 20� no-tangle, integrated hose that combines both the vacuum and solution lines into one
  • Large �stair climbing� wheels and front mounted carrying handle to maneuver up and down stairs
  • 5 year warranty for housing and frame, 1 year warranty for vacuum

Warranty Information:

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