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CFV 125 (98606)

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Compact and portable, with uncompromised HEPA filtration

The CFV 125 from Tornado proves that power and performance need not be sacrificed for portability and ease of operation. Four-stage HEPA filtration takes debris recovery to new levels for situations where the containment of recovered debris is critical. The CFV 125 is excellent for applications ranging from health care and educational to industrial sanitation, as well as environmental testing. It is intended for dry recovery. Dry debris is often misted to aid in containment. The CFV 125 can handle this application but is not appropriate for true wet recovery.

With a 1.1 HP motor, 80" waterlift, and 7.4 gallon tank, the CFV 125 is a powerful performer in a truly compact package. Four swivel casters, low weight, and lift-grip handle provide ease of transport, while the stainless steel tank stands up to the harsh applications for which the unit was designed. A bumper guard protects surroundings such as walls, machinery, and fixtures. 1.5" attachments (see brochure) are recommended for this unit and are available separately.

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