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Taskforce External Filter (98995)

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with tip and pour

Simultaneous wet and dry recovery, with a rugged design that withstands demanding applications

It�s simple physics. Recovering heavier debris efficiently requires increased airflow when using a vacuum. The Taskforce� External Filter Wet/Dry Vacuum creates powerful air flow beyond that found in traditional wet/dry vacuums. As a result, the unit is perfect for maintenance departments and industrial applications where the recovery of heavier debris is an everyday part of the job. Dry wall dust, sawdust, cement dust, water, and powder are no match for its recovery power. This electric unit can be easily moved from the tool shop to the factory floor or building site or other places where rapid pick-up of heavy debris is a must.

Better still, the Taskforce� can recover wet and dry material without the need to stop and change or clean an internal filter. That means added efficiency, reduced work stoppage, and no more guesswork when it comes to choosing the right filter for debris recovery. A 2.25 HP powerhead with 184 CFM of airflow is fitted on a 16-gallon T-Lite thermoplastic tank. The tank is crack and corrosion resistant and sits on a convenient tip-and-pour carrier with four wheels for easy transport. An external filter comes standard with the unit. A true 2" intake can be fitted with 1.5" and 2" hoses and attachments. A wide selection of optional tools and attachments (see back page) are available for a variety of applications.

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