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BR 400 (99405)

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Professional scrubbing, simple operation, and unsurpassed mobility

The BR 400 puts the power of automatic scrubbing in a compact package ready for virtually any hard floor surface. This electric unit operates in forward and reverse in a 16" scrubbing path at 1000 RPM. Height adjustable transport wheels permit variable pressure. A convenient foot switch lowers and raises the squeegees while simultaneously starting and stopping the vac motor, respectively. The unit lays down cleaning solution, scrubs, and recovers in either direction. Features include a removable two-chamber tank system, fluid level indicator, and easy operator controls. The BR 400 is constructed of durable, corrosion-free plastic with a sturdy tubular steel handle. The BR 400 comes standard with soft black brushes, ideal for routine mopping operations. A wide selection of other brushes and pads are also available (see below). The BR 400 tackles ceramic tile, quarry tile, paver brick, raised rubber disc floors and other challenging surfaces. This versatile unit is perfect for hotels, hospitals, restaurants, restrooms, and retail sales floors.

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