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BR 13/1 MW (99410)

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The BR 131/1 MW is easier on the indoor environment and makes cleaning so simple, it is actually enjoyable. In-house facility managers, building engineers, housekeepers and BSCs will appreciate the BR 13/1 MW�s superior flexibility, advanced productivity and reduced environmental impact. Where high quality floor cleaning performance, ease of use and durability are called for, the BR 13/1 MW is the most versatile and effective answer for any hard or soft floor surface.

Low-Moisture Cleaning with Cylindrical Brush

Environmentally preferred, the BR 13/1 MW offers the latest cleaning innovation � cylindrical brush technology. The use of cylindrical brush technology uses 30% less water, delivering lowmoisture cleaning design and deep scrubbing through concentrated brush speeds of 650 RPMs � over three times higher than the speed of comparable rotary brush automatic scrubbers. Cylindrical brushes provide 4-6 times more contact pressure than rotary brush scrubbing, handling any flat floor surface with ease, as well as uneven surfaces such as quarry tile, paver bricks, and raised rubber disc flooring.The BR 13/1 MW can also be used for cleaning escalators and moving walkways. For even greater flexibility, the BR 13/1 MW can be used on commercial-grade carpeting and entrance matting in conjunction with low-moisture, carpet mill approved encapsulation carpet cleaning. Producing minimal impact to the environment, waste is reduced as cylindrical brushes far outlast rotary pads, using on average one set of brushes for every 100 floor pads.

Ergonomic,Whisper-Quiet,Daytime Cleaning

The soundproof housing allows the BR 13/1 MW to run at a whisper-quiet 69 dB,perfect for day time cleaning in environments including hospitals, nursing homes, schools and hotels. The BR 13/1 MW not only excels at maintaining floors, it delivers superior operator comfort with an ergonomic handle and simple control levers making operation and maneuverability a breeze. Its fingertip, lightweight operation ensures less work-related injuries and compensation claims.

Extend Carpet Lifecycle and Improve Appearance with Encapsulation

Effective on commercial-grade carpeting or entrance matting, the BR 13/1 MW can be used as an interim encapsulation carpet cleaner to increase the lifecycle, health and beauty of your carpeting. Pair the BR 13/1 MW with a soil encapsulating prespray, and the BR 13/1�s cylindrical brushes agitate and �pile lift�the carpet for an interim solution for high-traffic carpeted spaces. The use of low-moisture cylindrical brush technology ensures that carpet over-wetting never occurs, substantially reducing the growth of mold, bacteria, and allergens in carpet caused by excess moisture. Since less water is used, carpets dry quickly � in just 30 minutes or less.This means your carpets are safe, dry and ready for use faster.


  • Lifts dirt from virtually every kind of floor surface
  • Leaves floors clean, dry and ready to walk on in minutes
  • 13 in. wide cleaning path, perfect for small, medium or hard-to-reach spaces
  • Environmentally preferred encapsulation carpet cleaning minimizes moisture and microbial activity on carpeted surfaces
  • Minimize chemical buildup left on carpets through use of encapsulation carpet cleaning

Key Features:

  • Increased savings on chemical costs and water
  • Multi-purpose machine used for both hard and soft floors
  • Excellent maneuverability, no heavy pushing, pulling or lifting
  • Accessible and removable tanks for fast solution changes and emptying
  • Whisper-quiet operation, perfect for daytime cleaning in noise-sensitive environments
  • Better carpet cleaning method than Bonnet cleaning

Benefits of Cylindrical Brush:

  • Cleans 3,775 sq. ft. per hour
  • Whisper-quiet 69 dB, perfect for day-time cleaning
  • 30% less water consumption
  • 100% solution recovery for safer floors
  • Self-cleaning brushes � no messy disc pads
  • Higher RPM � 650 for deep-cleaning power
  • Three times greater contact pressure than rotary auto scrubbers

Dual-Cleaning Applications:

  • Excellent results on hard floor coverings including vinyl tile, brick, slate, mosaic, granite, marble and rubber floors.
  • Can be used on escalators, commercial-grade carpeting and entrance matting.
  • Particularly effective for tile and grout cleaning and non-slip safety floors.
  • Perfect for eco-friendly encapsulation carpet cleaning for commercial grade carpets and entrance mats.
  • Choice of brushes for normal maintenance or intensive scrubbing. Cylindrical brushes �lift� and revitalize carpet fibers while low-moisture solution atomization minimizes moisture, allergens and bacteria in carpets.
  • Side brushes are available and facilitate edge-cleaning right into hard-to-reach corners.
  • Perfect for hotels, hospitals, restaurants, restrooms, schools, airports, and retail sales floors.

Warranty Information:

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