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BD 14/4 (99414)

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brush assist with 28 AH AGM batteries and charger

Now Clean Small Spaces Easily Without a Cord

Designed to scrub hard-to-clean areas where a traditional mop and bucket are used, the new, eco-friendly BD 14/4 battery operated scrubber from Tornado� is compact, powerful, versatile and perfect for small or confined spaces. Cleaning approximately 11,300 square feet in an hour, your small and congested spaces are clean, dry, healthy and safe in no time.

Incredible Water Recovery

The BD 14/4�s low-moisture design includes an integrated parabolic squeegee system, mounted just 1� behind the pad. Solution is contained within the cleaning path and instantly recovered, even around 180 degree turns! Floors are left amazingly dry, avoiding touchup work that is often required on competitive models.

Increase Health and Safety

Say goodbye to corded electric units that can cause trips and falls. The BD 14/4�s eco-friendly, maintenance-free AGM battery eliminates the danger of a power cord and periodic maintenance. What�s more, the ergonomic handle minimizes worker fatigue and injuries.


The Tornado� BD 14/4 is perfect for use in many different environments including:

  • Convenient Stores
  • Quick-Serve Restaurants
  • Small Retailers
  • Restrooms
  • Classrooms
  • Health Clubs
  • Hospitals, itchens, and more.

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